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“180” Grass Roots
We gave away thousands of DVD’s outside of Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Burbank high schools, now it’s your turn to do your area. Watch this short video.
“I'm a student at University of Michigan-Flint. I had a conversation with someone who I found out was a Christian and he asked me if I had seen ‘180’ and I told him yes and I loved it. He said that ‘180’ is taking MSU's campus by storm.”

Total DVD's Given: 14,772
“180” DVD
"180" DVD
Buy ten “180” DVDs for just $1.50 each ($15 total)
and give them away.

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  The 180 Course
The 180 Course
The “180 Course” includes:
1. A two-part DVD (“180,” with additional training by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron)
2. A 64-page Study Guide—with thought-provoking discussion questions and a wealth of added information, by Ray Comfort with Kay Arthur and Randy Alcorn

Cost for the complete Course: $14.99 Only $10.00
Watch “180” NOW!

“180” was produced by Living Waters, www.livingwaters.com.
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